Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Map 1: meditation as a way to function better in life

I suggest you start with Mountain, Sea, and Sky. You could also explore the various talks and articles that deal with cultivating attention (Chapter 3 in Wake Up to Your Life, for instance). The point here is to develop a basic practice and some level of attention. 

With that as a basis, you can start working with Seeing From the Inside, which is a great way to work with all kinds of internal disturbances, particularly those brought up by difficult situations in your life. Also helpful will be Releasing Emotional Reactions. Both of these practices focus on the development of the ability to not be run by reactions, thus opening the possibility of responding appropriately to what is arising in and around you.

From there, you will be in good shape to use the methods described in Relationship and Conflict and the pragmatically oriented Making Things HappenMoney and Value, and Surviving Stressful Times. These four sets of podcasts are about how to apply attention to issues and challenges we all face in our lives. You will find a number of tools and frameworks that will help you to identify what is vitally important in a situation and how to work with that.