Friday, March 16, 2012

five pointers out of thin air

Whatever you avoid, somebody or something else has to pick up. Emotions are energy in motion. If you don't experience them, then the energy either goes into your body and is stored there or it goes out into the world. Why would you make others experience what you, yourself, are avoiding?

When energy is blocked or can't move, it stagnates. In your body, the restricted energy goes into adjacent muscles and organs and causes illness. In your personality, restricted energy flows into the patterns that you are least aware of and they run. In groups, restricted energy flows into the people whose attention is weakest and they are flooded. 
When energy stagnates, change the configuration or pay the consequences. 

Consistent practice builds momentum. Momentum doesn't just go away. It has to go somewhere. When attention is not present, the energy in the momentum flows into old patterns and powers them. The more you practice, the longer you practice, the more important attention becomes.
There are no vacations.

Respect the rhythms of practice. When you are tense and on edge in your practice, just rest. When you are relaxed and open, push deep. 
Glass doesn't bend; it breaks. Water doesn't move until you open a channel.

Old ways
Once you see through a pattern, once you see what you've been doing, you can't go back. Ignorance may have been bliss, but you aren't there anymore. 


Mike Porter said...

Nice to see this active again!

Alice said...

Ken, it seems like reputations go further than just what other people think of us, but also include what we think other people think of us. And this is where the seat of ego lies – we are what we think others think of us. So our attempts to manage this view to our own advantage end up strengthening ego. By doing mind training we are definitely not managing how others perceive us but are instead managing our wishes for others. We take in the aggression that would otherwise be directed toward them and give them the love and admiration we would like for ourselves. It’s not easy.